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YON employs a group of experienced and specialized Certified Public Accountants and the dedicated team of Partner "PROMETEIA" to determine the value of companies, corporations, shares or parcels of stock; the Experts use the most suitable valuation criteria for each production, industrial, commercial reality, whether it is an SME or a Startup.

The Opinion consists of a WRITTEN REPORT containing 2 TYPES OF CALCULATIONS: the first using a so-called "main" valuation criterion chosen according to the type of company to be examined, the second through a "control" criterion to verify the goodness of the values obtained by the main valuation method.


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Want to get an idea, quickly, of how much you might realize from a sale? In this section we guide you, free of charge, to an approximate* (and by no means exhaustive) determination of the value of your business (Equity Value). By entering below, correctly, some economic and financial parameters that you can get from your financial statements, you will obtain a range of values (minimum and maximum) that you can consider as guidelines** for your future decisions.

* this determination takes its cue from one of the many methods of calculating the value of an enterprise, the so-called "market multiples method," which is not always the most appropriate system for defining its value.
** through the calculation one can target a range of potential values, which can then be the starting point for a more thorough value determination through careful verification by experts in the field.

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